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A Message From The owner

I started working with lasers as a hobby and quickly discovered I was not only fascinated with the process; I was good at it. After a long battle with my wife, she agreed to let us buy a small laser and set up shop in our home. That was 3 lasers ago…

We use a top of the line, Trotec co2 laser, as well as a galvo fiber laser to mark and engrave our products. Because we invested in the best machines available, we are able to deliver the best quality engravings on the market. We don’t let “it still looks good” go out the door. It’s either done the right way, with the results you expect, or we redo it. It’s that simple.

I started this business in 2017 while I was a Dallas Police Officer, where I worked for 12 years, finishing up as a narcotics detective. My first customers were my brothers and sisters in blue, and because I also spent 9 years in the Army, the military and first responders are what I gear most of my products towards. That doesn’t mean we don’t do other things, we are entirely capable of putting any design on anything we offer.

Thank you for supporting an Veteran and LEO owned business, stay safe out there!